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Provincial plaque (left) and federal plaque (right) at Barnum House, GraftonOn October 22, 1958, a provincial plaque commemorating Barnum House was unveiled at the site by the Ontario Heritage Trust (then known as the Archaeological and Historic sites Board of Ontario). In 1984, this plaque was removed and two bilingual plaques were erected in its stead, one by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, and the other by the Trust.


A superb example of a prosperous Upper Canadian home, this elegant classical building was erected about 1819. Though its interior has been modified several times since, the façade remains essentially unaltered. In the first historic house restoration undertaken in the province, the structure was refurbished by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario in 1940. Since 1982, its continued preservation has been entrusted to the Ontario Heritage Foundation.

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