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On Saturday, June 30, 1979, at 2:30 p.m., a historical plaque commemorating McMartin House was unveiled on the grounds of the house. In 1984, the Ontario Heritage Trust replaced this plaque with a revised bilingual marker. Further, in 2000, the bilingual marker was supplanted by a post-mounted bilingual plaque, as follows:

The son of Loyalists from the Morrisburg area, Daniel McMartin (1798-1869) established a law practice in Perth in 1823. Well-educated and well-connected, he acquired prominent clients like timber baron Philemon Wright of Hull. McMartin chose a neo-classical design for his residence, then embellished it with unique stylistic features such as recessed arches and a cupola with flanking side lanterns. These are hallmarks of the Federal style of architecture that flourished in the eastern United States from 1780 to 1820. Recognized as a rare Ontario example of this architectural style, McMartin House was acquired by the Ontario Heritage Foundation in 1972, restored to its 1830s appearance, and adapted for community use.
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