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What is an easement?

How does an easement protect my property?

What is the difference between an easement and a designation?

Is the Trust the only body that can hold easements?

How many easements does the Trust hold on heritage properties in Ontario?

Can an easement protect other heritage resources?

If I sell a property that has an easement on it, does the easement become null and void?

Does a heritage property owner have any control over the conditions of the easement?

Where can I find a list of heritage consultants, planners, contractors, etc.?

How do I know if my property has an easement?

This is learning ... old-school

This is learning ... old-school

Visit the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse and see how education happened in an 1848 one-room schoolhouse in downtown Toronto
The original twitter ...

The original twitter ...

Explore our Natural heritage properties. (Photo: Garth Baker)