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On Sunday, August 2, 1970 at 2:30 p.m., a plaque commemorating the “Auld Kirk” was unveiled on the grounds of the old church, County Road 16, about one kilometre west of Highway 15 in Almonte. The plaque reads:

“AULD KIRK” 1836

This stone church, an attractive example of an early form of Gothic Revival architecture, was constructed in 1835-36 on land obtained from John Mitchell, one of Ramsay Township’s earliest settlers. Built by the local congregation of the Established Church of Scotland, it was also attended by Presbyterians from adjoining townships. The early settlers of Ramsay were visited by ministers from Drummond and Beckwith but in 1834 the first resident minister, the Reverend John Fairburn, was inducted. In January 1864, during the ministry of the Reverend John McMorine (1846-1867), a new church was opened in nearby Almonte. Although little used since then, the “Auld Kirk” stands as a memorial to the pioneer Presbyterian settlers.
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