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On Saturday, June 15, 1957, a provincial plaque was unveiled on the grounds of the Sharon Temple in East Gwillimbury, on Leslie Street in the village of Sharon, north of Newmarket.

The bilingual plaque reads:


Erected 1825-32, its architecture symbolizes the religious beliefs of its builder, David Willson, born in New York State 1778. Disowned by the Society of Friends (Quakers), he established hereabouts the Children of Peace (Davidites) in 1812, a small sect which retained some Quaker mysticism while placing great emphasis on ceremony, music and practical education. Most Davidites were strong political reformers and several joined Mackenzie’s force in the Rebellion of 1837. Following Willson’s death in 1866, the strength of the sect diminished and its last service was held here 1886.
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