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On Saturday, May 31, 1975, a provincial plaque commemorating Precious Blood Cathedral was unveiled on the grounds of the cathedral at 778 Queen Street East in Sault Ste. Marie.

The plaque reads:


This church was constructed in 1875 and dedicated in 1876 as the Parish Church of the Sacred Heart by Bishop Jean-Francois Jamot. It replaced a wooden building constructed in 1846 which had served as a Jesuit missionary post for this region. Built of local red-grey sandstone, it was designed in the Gothic Revival style with a single nave, tall lancet windows, and an imposing tower and slate roof. In 1901 transepts were added and in 1930 a new vestry was built. Both additions adhere to the original style. The Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie was created by the Holy see in 1904 and this church was selected as the Diocesan Cathedral. It was renamed the Cathedral of the Precious Blood in 1936.
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