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On August 20, 1967, a provincial plaque commemorating Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey was unveiled at Horaceville, Pinhey's former estate on the Ottawa River, about 20 km from downtown Ottawa on Regional Road 21.

The plaque was unveiled by Miss Ruth H. Pinhey (among others), a great-grandniece of Hamnett Pinhey.

In 1994, the Ontario Heritage Trust replaced the original plaque with a revised bilingual version that reads:

A merchant and ship-owner in his native England, Pinhey came to Upper Canada in 1820. For his services as King's messenger during the Napoleonic Wars, he received a 1,000-acre land grant on the Ottawa River. Within a decade, he had built up an estate which he named Horaceville after his elder son. In addition to a manor house and barns, it included mills, a store and a church. Pinhey took a leading part in township and district affairs. He was appointed to the Legislative Council in 1847, served as Warden of the Dalhousie District, and as the first Warden of Carleton County. Horaceville remained in family hands until 1959 when it was purchased by the National Capital Commission.
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