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About George T. Fulford

Born in Brockville in 1852, George Fulford I followed the path of many successful Canadian businessmen of the late 19th century who rose from modest beginnings. He attended a Belleville business school and later returned to Brockville in 1874 as an apprentice to his brother William (1844-1879), a local druggist. It was in the drug store that George Fulford I became aware of the potential profitability of patent medicines.

At a time when few people could afford medical treatments by doctors, patent medicines promised affordable remedies for a myriad of health problems. In 1887, George Fulford I formed G.T. Fulford & Co. to manufacture and distribute patent medicines.

Three years later, the company acquired the rights to Dr. William’s “Pink Pills for Pale People.” Inventor Dr. William Jackson made little money on the deal, but due to clever marketing of the pills through Dr. William’s Medicine Company – the trading arm of G.T. Fulford & Co. – George Fulford I made a fortune.

Thanks to the persistent use of advertisements in the popular press by George 1, Pink Pills for Pale People became an international success. Within five years, Dr. William’s Medicine Company expanded throughout North America, Europe and the British Empire.

As his business grew, George Fulford I also served on Brockville’s town council and finance commission. A staunch member of the Liberal party, George Fulford I was rewarded for his support of Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier with an appointment to the Senate of Canada in 1900.

George Taylor Fulford I died in Newton, Massachusetts, in 1905 from injuries sustained in a vehicle accident. Although he died too early to fully realize many of his ambitions, he accomplished much in a short period of time.

Over the years, the Fulford family members have been generous benefactors to their community.

That spirit of community culminated in the generous donation of Fulford Place to the Ontario Heritage Trust in 1991, to be protected for the people of Ontario.

Group tours welcome!

Group tours welcome!

Whether as part of a bus tour or school group, you can explore the Edwardian splendour of Fulford Place throughout the year.
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Become a volunteer!

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