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Explore some of the more common religious denominations that appear in Ontario. Learn about their development and how religious beliefs are expressed in the architecture of Ontario’s places of worship.

ReligionAssociated records in database
1 African Methodist Episcopal Church 10 record(s) found
2 Anglican 909 record(s) found
3 Antiochian Orthodox 4 record(s) found
4 Apostolic Christian 18 record(s) found
5 Armenian Orthodox 1 record(s) found
6 Associated Gospel 31 record(s) found
7 Baha'i 2 record(s) found
8 Baptist 466 record(s) found
9 Bible Christian Church 6 record(s) found
10 Bible Christians 1 record(s) found
Explore our Online Plaque Guide

Explore our Online Plaque Guide

Search from over 1,200 provincial plaques in this database and learn more about the people, places and events that have helped shape Ontario’s history.