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Should your search return unexpected results – or no results at all – this troubleshooting section should assist you. Please modify your search, taking into account the following:

Enter/select correct or proper criteria in the search form.
  • Have you spelled the property name correctly? (e.g., properties often go by their full names formally but more informal names locally)
  • Did you choose the correct municipality? Please note that when you select a specific geographic region, you will only see those counties or districts that are part of that geographic region. Similarly, when you select a county or district, you will only see those municipalities that are part of that county or district.
Narrow your search.
  • When you select many criteria for your search, the database only returns those records that match ALL of the criteria you have selected. For better results, deselect some of the criteria and try searching again.
  • In some instances, when our researchers cannot support confirmed details, “unknown” data values are entered. Therefore, records may not include information like an architect or a site’s current use – even if you are certain that a specific property was designed or built by a specific architect. In these cases, you will have to narrow your search accordingly. In addition, if you know of information that is currently missing from our records, please let us know.
Remember that a site may have been used, over time, by more than one religious denominations.
  • A place of worship may have been built for a specific religious denomination (e.g., Congregationalist), but that denomination may have changed over time to another (e.g., United). When in doubt, err on the side of the founding or “Built-by” religion.
Be aware that a place of worship’s current use may be different than its original use or unknown.
  • If our researchers cannot confirm the current use of a former place of worship, an “unknown” value may appear in the record. You may wish to leave this field as the default blank or “Unknown” to ensure that your search results are complete.
Explore our Online Plaque Guide

Explore our Online Plaque Guide

Search from over 1,200 provincial plaques in this database and learn more about the people, places and events that have helped shape Ontario’s history.