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MyOntario – A vision over time

Ontario is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017. It’s a special moment in our history and a great opportunity for Ontarians to explore our past and imagine our future.

Become storytellers, historians, record keepers and visionaries by contributing to MyOntario – a conversation among Ontarians. Share stories, images or videos about the places that inspire you and help define who you are. We want to hear from you in your own words, in your own way.

Your submissions will be posted to our MyOntario page – creating a dynamic, multimedia and multi-perspective cultural map of the province.

What could I contribute?

A story and/or photos – or a link to a YouTube video that you’ve created – that inspires you, reflects your identity and captures the spirit of a particular place and time. For example, it could be a:
  • Personal experience or memory
  • Song or poem
  • Recipe or family tradition
  • Object or artifact
  • Cultural tradition or artistic expression
  • Tool or machine
  • Car, boat or aircraft
  • Saying or proverb
  • Building, place or landscape
The list goes on. We want submissions to be as varied, diverse and dynamic as the province itself.

Note: Each submission should be 200 words or less, or a video no longer than two minutes. You can submit up to three photos, either on their own with captions, or as part of a story.

Join the conversation and add your thoughts and personal experiences to any of the MyOntario story submissions.

Let’s showcase our diversity, share our stories and create a record of Ontario at 150 – a record that reflects the breadth, depth and complexity of our great province as we look to the future.

Join the conversation | Discover who we are | Contribute to MyOntario!

MyOntario story submissions

Honouring Ontario's Premiers
Honouring Ontario's Premiers
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