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Ontario Heritage Trust Cultural Heritage Symposium

On Monday, November 23, 2015 the Ontario Heritage Trust held a one-day symposium to encourage discussion of and inspire contributions to Ontario’s Culture Strategy. Harvey McCue, Vice-Chair of the Ontario Heritage Trust Board of Directors welcomed participants. Beth Hanna, Chief Executive Officer of the Trust began the day with an overview of the breadth and scope of heritage, cultural and natural, tangible and intangible. Kevin Finnerty, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s Culture Division, spoke on behalf of the province and provided an update on the creation of Ontario’s first Culture Strategy.

The symposium explored five topics through panel presentations and discussion:

  • Cultural landscapes
  • City building
  • Tangible heritage
  • How the public engages with heritage
  • Conserving the intangibles

Panels were composed of professionals working within public, private and not-for profit sectors from a range of fields, including: municipal heritage planning, museums and archives, education and research, architecture and urban design, media, archaeology and physical restoration. Participants included more than 100 sector leaders, colleagues, professionals and thinkers from equally diverse perspectives.

This report highlights ideas and best practices explored during the symposium. We believe that it provides useful feedback in support of a strong, vibrant, inclusive heritage sector that is well integrated into the culture of Ontario.

Highlights from the Ontario Heritage Trust Cultural Heritage Symposium (PDF | 906 KB)

Cultural Heritage: Proposals for Ontario's Culture Strategy (PDF | 2.14 MB)

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