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Tools for conservation

What are the benefits of designation? | How do I repair windows in my heritage home? | Why is archaeology important? | What is a cultural landscape? | Where can I find information on the history of a building? | How can I save a heritage building in my community? | What are the dangers of using rock salt on the sidewalks around heritage buildings in the winter?

After having been introduced to the buildings held by the Trust, and the various properties protected by Trust conservation easements, you may wish to know more about common heritage issues and topics that affect how and why we choose to conserve heritage properties – and to help you in your own conservation efforts.

The following tools are available for download. Check this page often, as more tools are being developed and added to our toolkit.

General heritage information

Conservation easement tools

Natural heritage property information

  • Coming soon!

Technical conservation information

Ontario Heritage Trust policy statements

  • Coming soon!

More information about our Buildings

More information about Conservation easements

More information about Natural heritage

More information about Archaeology

The original twitter ...

The original twitter ...

Explore our Natural heritage properties. (Photo: Garth Baker)
This is learning ... old-school

This is learning ... old-school

Visit the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse and see how education happened in an 1848 one-room schoolhouse in downtown Toronto